Cash strapped Masvingo city council is losing thousands of dollars every month to vendors who are refusing to pay daily gate takings to operate at designated areas urging  council to remove illegal vendors who have turned the city’s pavements into a market place .

The local authority designated Garikai  market also known as KuChitima  market  stall as the city’s main vending site which accommodates  hundreds of vendors who are supposed to be paying $2 a day to sale their various wares but for the  past year the vendors have not been constantly  paying to the local authority.

The market is fenced has piped water together with ambulation facilities for both the vendors and customers.

Vendors at KuChitima site said the current economic hardships, coupled by the local authority’s reluctance to drive vendors who are selling at designated points forced them to stop paying the $2 daily fee to council.

“We have lost business to people who are selling in street verandas and we told the city fathers that we can longer pay to sale here (Chitima) unless something is done with the vendors in the city,”  said one vendor Peter Kozhai who sales cellphone accessories at Kuchitima.

Masvingo Mayor Hubert Fidze confirmed the development and said council was now realizing an average of $12 a day at the market place against a potential of more than  $6 000 a month.

He said vendors used to pay their fees before occupying stalls but the vendors asked for a weaver to pay at the close of business a development they took advantage off and stopped paying the entrance fee citing low business.

“It is something that we are looking at as council, we are losing money as we speak we are colleting a paltry $12 from that place despite putting all the essential services at the market” Fidze said.

The latest full council meeting revealed that council has already tasked Levison Nzura, Director of housing and community services to meet with Garikai Market management committee to discus ways of collecting revenue at the marke


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