Council worker to face disciplinary hearing


By Ngonidzashe Mutume

A Masvingo city council employee selling prepaid parking discs in the
city center is set to appear before a disciplinary hearing after a
string of complains were raised to the city fathers by residents over
the employee’s conduct during work
The employee  Vimbai Mangwana’s allegations  of misconduct with
motorist circulated on our Wezhira Community radio Whats App platform
that she has a bad public relations record
One of the disgruntled motorist and a member of the whatsapp platform
only recognized as CIE launched the complaint to the Mayor and
councilors that Vimbai Mangwana had developed a habit of  verbally
harassing  motorist intending to park at prepaid parking zones
“Pane kamusikana kenyu kano clamper mota kaudza vamwe baba kuti mai
vako patransverse apo ndikafenda. Please educate these people” CIE
“She had earlier been advised of  her character by councilor Beta
after she had attacked me when I couldn’t find the parking cashier at
Pic n Pay supermarket, “another group member added
Mayor Hubert Fidze confirmed that disciplinary action had been taken
against Vimbai Mangwana and also urged residence to continue reporting
such incidents to council so that discipline amongst council employees
is maintained


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