Prominent city lawyer Councilor  Collins Maboke has been elected the new Masvingo mayor and will be the face of Masvingo for the next five years

Maboke was nominated and seconded by Zanu Pf councilors and went on to received 7 votes from the ten councilors to land the top post while his contender Godfrey Kurauone got 3 votes. Both are members of the MDC Alliance.

The biggest surprise of the night was the election of  Zanu pf ward 6 councilor Wellignton Mahwende who also received 7 votes to be the Masvingo deputy mayor with Selina Maridza from the MDC Alliance gunning only three votes .

He pulled a shocker considering the MDC Alliance has the majority of seats in the local authority commanding seven seats against Zanu pf’s three seats.

However as the news of Mahwende’s election to the post of deputy mayor spread across the city, MDC Alliance supported besieged the Masvingo civic center in protest over the election of a Zanu pf councilor to be the city’s deputy mayor.


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