By Wezhira Reporter

Water woes currently facing Masvingo city has forced residents to moot boycotting paying monthly bills until the local authority starts pumping adequate water  to the city.

Council worker is seen watering lawn with a horse pipe while most part of Masvingo have gone for days without water
Failure by the residents to pay bills will greatly affect operations in the cash strapped local authority which heavily depends on money from residents for its sustenance coupled with a huge burden to urgently upgrade its absolute pumping equipment.
Currently residents owe the local authority in excess of $50m in unpaid debt accumulated after the famous debt write off directive, initiated by former President Robert Mugabe’s administration.
However, since August residents in the country’s first urban settlement have experienced erratic water supplies with some suburbs going for two months now without the precious liquid.
The situation has been made worse by the local authority’s failure to collect garbage in time as the city is now relying on a single refuse truck to service a population of over     100 000 residents.
A local residents pressure group, the Masvingo United Residents and Ratepayers Alliance (MURRA) said they have engaged the newly elected councilors over the impending action by the residents “We had community meetings with residents in all the city’s ten wards
and the residents expressed the need for council to exempt them from paying monthly service charges as they are not getting adequate services from council.
“MURRA has already engaged the city fathers over the impending action by the residents and they promised to give us feedback once they convince a full a council meeting in the next few days,” MURRA spokesperson Godfrey Mtimba told Wezhira community radio.
The water situation has reached unprecedented levels in two decades resulting in the city recording its first cholera outbreak which claimed one life.



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